Do you want to lose weight, get fitter, feel better, or turn over a new leaf? Whatever your fitness and weight loss goals are, Vital Fit will get you there!! Start now with the Vital Fit Program that works… See results in just 1 month!!

What is the Vital Fit Program?
- Rapid fat loss through the ‘Metabolic Training Method’
- Telephone and email support from the Head Personal Trainer
- Most experienced and professional Personal Trainers
- Flexible and cost effective

What is the ‘Metabolic Training Method’:
- A combination of compound strength and interval aerobic exercise
- Burns maximum fat calories during a session
- Stimulates the fat burning hormones
- Burns fat well after the session (after burn effect).

Head Personal Trainer will:
- Provide encouragement and support via email and phone
- Hold you accountable to your training commitment
- Offer fitness and nutritional advice

Your Personal Trainer will:
- Motivate, encourage and push you to do your best
- Provide upbeat, challenging and varied sessions
- Adapt the session to your fitness level
- Flexible program to suit your Lifestyle

Extra Benefits:
- Choose from different sessions week to week
- Make up missed sessions within your 5 week block
- Gain credits if you’re away or sick
- Personal Training at a fraction of the price

Bonus #1 – Vital Fit Starter Manual (All you need to know about achieving your fitness goals)
Bonus #2 – Optional fitness testing every 10 weeks
Bonus #3 – eUpdate sent to you every month (health article, Vital Fit news, events, recipe etc)


Fill in the registration form and email, fax or post back to us.  You will then receive all the information you need to get started.  Click Here to register.

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Take advantage of our FREE TRIAL session. There is no obligation. Simply try us out and you’ll be impressed!!.

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AMBoxFit 6-7AMPower Yoga 6-7AMCircuit 6-7AMPower Yoga 6-7AMIntervals 6-7AMCircuit 7-8AMIntervals 10-11AM
PMMystery Box 7-8PMYoga 7-8PM


AMCircuit 6-7AMBoxFit 6-7AMCircuit Training 7-8AM

SESSION DESCRIPTIONS – designed for maximum fat loss

BoxFit: Fitness boxing combined with a variety of full body strength
& toning exercises and high interval cardio fitness.

Circuit: A full body strength / toning circuit using dumbells, fit balls,
bands etc combined with interval cardio fitness.

Intervals: Interval running and activity session with spikes of high intensity
fitness such as sprints, hills, stairs, strength followed by recovery periods. Excellent fat loss session.

Mystery Box: Whatever the PT is in the mood for on the day.   

Yoga: Outdoor Yoga that will improve posture, strength and flexibility, as well as,  developing mind body balance.


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Unlimited Group Training sessions / week

$180 per month


2 x Group Training sessions / week (+ 1 FREE session / week on SAT)

$150 per month


1 x Group Training session / week

$100 per month


10 x Personal Training sessions



4 x Personal Training sessions / month + Unlimited Group Training sessions

$490 per month


If you refer a friend you get 50% OFF your first month’s payment

All packages include:

Ongoing support and encouragement from Geoff Carre ‘Head Trainer’ (via email and phone)

Vital Fit Starter Manual ‘All you need to know about achieving your fitness and fat loss goals’

Optional fitness testing every 10 weeks

eUpdate sent to you every month (health article, Vital Fit news, events, recipe etc)”


Fill in the registration form and email, fax or post back to us. You will then receive all the information you need to get started.

Click Here to register.


CALL 1300 727 022 or e-mail:


Please submit the form to get started.


Michael Clark “I have lost 25kg”

“With Vital Fit’s help I have lost 25kg over the last 8 months, I have set myself an aggressive exercise program with an eventual goal to run in the city to surf. As I have progressed my trainer tailored our program together and is helping me to make even greater progress. I feel much better for the improvement and have taken on a number of additional personal and professional challenges as a part of an overall reinvention.”

Joe Vetto “I dropped 12kg… in the best shape of my life”

“All of the trainers do a great job at pushing you to get the extra bit out during the workout. The variety of the workouts, the camaraderie of the group, and the noticeable results have made this a lifestyle change for me. When I started, I had trouble running much more than 1K. Since then I’ve run the half marathon and the Soft Sand Classic and I plan to run the City 2 Surf in a couple of weeks. I’ve dropped 12 kg since I started exercising and I’m easily in the best shape of my life. Thanks to you and all of the trainers for putting such a great product together. I’ve never felt better. Oh, and the sunrises over the ocean in the morning are pretty good too”.

Melanie Laing “I lost 10cm of my waist”

“Over the last 8 months I have lost 10 cm off my waist & about 9kg of body fat. My fitness level has increased enormously since I started training with Justin in March this year. Most importantly, I feel so much healthier in every sense and exercise is now part of my daily routine – without it I would feel lost! Certainly I feel better able to deal with whatever stresses come my way and I really enjoy and look forward to the challenge of my weekly workout sessions with Justin”.

Karen Williams “I Lost 7kg of fat… I gave up smoking”

“One of my goals was to get into my ideal body fat % range whcich I achieved and after 6 months of training I’m still going strong. I have, so far, lost 7 kg of body fat and maintained my lean muscle, which is a 28% improvement. I also improved on all of my fitness scores. Most importantly though, I gave up smoking through this whole process when I was worried about putting on weight. I am now more conscious of my health which I put down to being held accountable through the program”.

Emma Davey “My energy levels are through the roof”

“I feel like a completely different person. My energy levels are through the roof and I’m sleeping about 3 hours less each day. I dropped 3% body fat and I increased my overall strength score by 36%. It has boosted my confidence and motivation levels which has led to further change to my life in general. I’ve now resigned from my job that I should have left a year ago and am looking forward to new challenges for 2008. Thanks Justin, Scott, Ben & Tom for your help and encouragement.”

Gill Dear
“75 minutes in the City to Surf”

“Training with a group is definitely more enjoyable than pounding the pavement solo, listening to the same running playlist over and over again! Everyone in the group is really friendly – it’s great to catch up and chat while boxing, even if I do get in trouble for it! I love the variety of each session, and knowing that if I’m not up for running one morning, I can always go boxing the next. Justin, Scott and Ben definitely push me to train harder than I would ever manage myself, which has shown in the results I’ve achieved. I finally managed to crack the 75 minute mark for the City to Surf – a goal I’ve had for the past 10 years. Thanks to the VitalFit team for helping me get there, I’m loving it!”

Anthony Gaskell “I have lost 13 kg”

”I wasn’t looking for an elixir of life, but I was getting worried about my loss of mobility as I got older and the weight I had put on. Through asking friends I contacted Justin. After listening to my situation he prepared a program to help me overcome the ageing process (or really to stop vegetating). One of the goals was to loose weight; enough to get back into my Dress Uniform. Last Friday I attended my first army function, in uniform, for 5 years and I have lost 13 kg. Its not just weight though. Justin is working on quite a few things. My knees aren’t as sore as they used to be, I can now run a lot further than across the road, I can sit squat on my heels which is something I haven’t been able to do for at least 10 years.”

Paul Kennedy “My friends comment on my fitness”

“Having now been with Vital Fit for nearly a year I can say that I have not felt better. I started to notice appreciable changes during the first four to six weeks, which have continued to improve each month since I started. My friends regularly comment on my fitness and the changes they have observed since I joined. For me, the exercise is no more a chore than having a shower or getting dressed each day. In fact, on the two days in the last year that I have had to forego my exercises due to work commitments, I have felt disappointed.”

Clare Reid “Now 6kg lighter.. and more energy”

”When I first started with Vital Fit just before xmas I was unfit and out of shape and could barely run for 10 minutes without feeling sick and out of breath. Now, 5 months down the line my fitness has improved so much and I am so much stronger. I am really enjoying the running sessions on Wednesday mornings and have even entered into the half marathon. I never thought in a million years I would be capable of that. I am now 6 kilos lighter and have so much more energy and am generally a happier person. I don’t have to drag myself out of bed in the mornings anymore, I enjoy getting up to exercise. Training in a group is great motivation too. A huge thanks to Justin, Scott and Ben, could not have done it without you!”